What makes the Melted Brand and products different?

Melted is for cannabis people, by cannabis people. For the advanced user, we have taken the time to deliver you an elevated and potent cannabis experience. We ensure we curate our products from the highest quality of flower to deliver clean, high quality concentrates, edibles, and smokeables.
Melted products all feature live resin so it is potent, tasteful, and not just an ordinary run of the mill product. Our fresh frozen is particularly sourced from a program that fits consumers needs and wants in the marketplace. The terpene profiles selected and strains produced for each product or sku match the description and can be backed not only by out testing standards but the unique experience the consumer is looking for.


What is live resin?

Live Resin is a type of cannabis concentrate extracted using a solvent from freshly harvested flower that is then frozen to preserve the plants natural terpenes. This skipping of the drying and curing process is what gives Live Resin its high-terpene profile and fragrance. You will see live concentrates under many names, such as sugar, sauce, jelly, and badder. These will differ in form, color, and viscosity.  We use high quality, full spectrum live resin sauce in our vape cartridges and also in our infused gummies.


What is distillate?

Distillate is a very commonly made cannabis oil. Distillate is an almost clear viscous oil extracted from the plant. This extensive distillation process strips the plant of all unwanted compounds to separate out specific cannabinoids. This most common being THC and CBS. We use high quality, high potency THC distillate in our vape cartridges and also as a topper on our Tiger Style Pre-roll.


What is the difference between live resin and distillate?

Both Distillate and Live Resin are extractions from the cannabis plant. These products are both extracted using solvents, BUT are trying to achieve completely different
products/outcomes. Distillate is an extraction from the plant that is stripping everything away- waxes, terpenes etc. to isolate a specific cannabinoid (in the case of Melted products this cannabinoid is THC.) Live resin on the other hand is taking all the parts of the plant including terpenes and aromatics to create a high terpene, flavorful concentrate that can be smoked as is using a dab rig, or added to edibles and cartridges, and provides an experience similar to smoking flower.

What is the term "sauced?"

Sauce is a form of Live Resin concentrate.  It is referring to the most viscous (runny) and higher terpene concentrations for of Live Resin.  Sauce is what we add to our THC distillate vape cartridges.  This is how we accomplish a flavorful, aromatic experience with ever draw.


What are diamonds?

When THCA is exposed to heat it transforms into active THC and will give the user the desired cannabis high. These crystalline pieces form in sauce. That’s right! That beautiful delicious liquid that fills our vape cartridges. During the live resin extraction process, THCA diamonds begin to form in this concentrate as well. Due to our extraction process and specific post-extraction steps that we take, we are able to curate quality live resin as well as diamonds. Diamonds are a crystal-like solid that is pure THCA. We add crushed diamonds as the topper of our Tiger Style Pre-Roll to give the user that extra THC kick when first sparking up.